New tabletop RPGs everyone is excited about

Role playing games, board games and other entertainment options that have been designed to be played around a table could be far more enjoyable than you may have imagined. Learning a little more about such games and what you need to start your own group or game night may not be a consideration that you can afford to overlook. Working with better information regarding such matters will ensure that you will be able to find and invest in the materials and resources that will provide you with a better overall experience.

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A guide to the best tabletop war games

From science fiction and fantasy to games that more accurately recreate the battles and conflicts of the past, there may be many different forms of table-top war games that you would benefit from learning more about. Whether you are concerned with spicing up your regular game night or finding the perfect gift for the avid-gamer in your life, learning more about the most popular games can ensure that you are able to make a smarter and more satisfying purchase. A quick online Read the rest of this entry »

Old games you should pick up and play again

While the newest games have advanced graphics and great controllers, it’s good to revisit the classics. Here are old games you should pick up and play again.

Super Mario Kart for the Super Nintendo is still a fun way to compete with your friends as Mario, Luigi and the rest of the gang.

On the original Xbox, Halo remains an exciting game to play through. Master Chief and Cortana have their hands full with the Covenant and there’s always another plasma grenade to toss.

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Future Tech – The 4G Future is Now!

The advent of wireless internet marked a new era in the way we use the internet. Then, the next step was 3G. While 3G was certainly a step up, it left much to be desired in terms of both performance and efficiency. Now, there is 4g internet…

Aside from being just another number – another stage – 4G broadband internet is something truly special.

You might be reading this and scratching your head. Even before there was 4G, mobile devices still had data connections capable of sending and receiving mail, browsing the internet, playing games, downloading apps, and much more. What’s the big deal?

The big deal is that 4G also represents a step up in terms of the speed and technology.

True 4G gives you speeds as fast as or even faster than what you have come to expect on home DSL and Cable internet connections. Imagine having all that speed and power in your own pocket?

No delays or slow-down during peak hours and you could do all the intensive browsing like shopping, downloading, and much more. There are even 4G service providers out there capable of transmitting signal and transforming areas as large as cities into enormous hotspots of Wi-Fi connectivity.

The future of of internet relies on next-generation technology. Today, it’s 4G; soon-to-be it’s 5G.

This season’s anime to keep an eye on

It’s Summer and you know what that means! It’s time for the new Summer Anime releases. Here are five of the newest titles to keep an eye out for:

1. Muv-Luv Alternative: Total Eclipse. This new anime is based on the best selling Japanese novel and visual novel. Follow the tale of the UN’s test pilots of the TSFT Unit

2. Tari Tari. Ever since K-On! came on the scene, the “girls who play music” genre has been getting quite full. In this show, five girls with a Read the rest of this entry »

Is your new smart phone really worth it?

There are two reasons for “needing” a new gadget: functionality, and ego. Ego is a pretty valid reason these days. Just as a new car draws attention and makes impressions, having the latest dazzling smart phone can make you cool for a while.

Functionality draws buyers who often don’t even think about whether they’ll use all that power. With the evolution of apps in memory size, CPU consumption and graphics use, there’s a good argument for upgrading.

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Recycling your old computers into a “like new” system

Old computers do not have to be thrown out, or practically given away for the credit that some electronics retailers will give you when you bring the old pc in to them. If you are just upgrading your pc because it is not quite up to speed anymore, then it is possible to recycle it and make it useful again. However, retailer and manufacturer recycling programs can still be a good choice to dispose of your old computer in an environmentally friendly way.

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New games you need to avoid at all costs

There are so many more terrible games now then there was ten years ago. Big name company’s are taking advantage of the consumer today by releasing garbage. Games are getting released before their final projection date and unfinished content is flooding the stores. Xbox 360 Kinect is famous for terrible hits for that platform. Steel Battalion: Heavy Armor is one of those games. They took the awesome control design and replaced the controls with the Kinect. The controls for this game only respond about twenty percent of the time. That’s an eighty Read the rest of this entry »

Great gifts for the geek in your life

Whether it be for your boyfriend or husband and whether it is a holiday or a birthday, we always look to get that special someone something they will really like and use, even when that special person is a geek. One of the best things you could get a geek is a tablet. Giving many the opportunity to do everything they could ever want at their palm of their hands, a tablet does just that. Whether you want to watch moves Read the rest of this entry »